Adobe Flash Player 10.2 hitting the Android Market on March 18

The much anticipated release of the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 gets more shape now, with Adobe announcing the launch of the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 today. The official app will hit the Android Market on the 18th of March which is a week from now. Adobe has also published a list of devices which are compatible with this update. Numerous devices running on Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.3 Gingerbread should be compatible with this update based on its hardware.

This new update brings certain tweaks to the interface of the device like increased performance, automatic soft-keyboard support and enhanced support for new Android tabs and smartphones.  The Motorola XOOM which is the only Honeycomb tablet out there, currently runs Adobe Flash Player 10.2 as Beta and the tab needs to be updated to Honeycomb version 3.0.1. Many users have been waiting long for the launch of the Flash player 10.2, this info should brighten up a few faces and bring more stability to the Android OS.

Via: Verizon Wireless, Adobe Blog



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