Android (Advance): Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note With This Guide

Many times it happens such that the simplest procedures are the ones that one is not able to understand. Many operations on smart phones generally require instructions especially when it comes to a novice it is always recommended to take instructions or just ask an experienced one to do the work for you. In old times there was not

even an option to do it by oneself because the settings always involved professional skills. Today the methods have been modified such that even a non professional can make an attempt to achieve tasks.

However, one cannot always go to an experienced one for tiny work and so one must learn what is to be done.

Right now the topic for instruction is the rooting of Samsung Galaxy Note. The procedure is very simple thanks to the latest software but still instructions and guidance is must. The Zerg’s root exploit is the very software that we are talking about. This is what has made rooting smooth and easy. In previous procedure of rooting one had to create a backup but in this procedure there is no need of any backup as it does not wipe out any data. However for precautionary measures one should always create a backup and then proceed with the provided instructions. The things that you would need in order to fulfill the requirements are; the original driver for your Samsung note (link), the Zerg’s root exploit and a personal computer where the whole procedure takes place. As far as the dealing with your phone is concerned then it should be hundred percent charged. Low battery can be a hurdle during rooting hence it should be made sure that the charging of battery should not be, at least, less than fifty percent.

Step 1: Get a Zerg root exploit from here. If the file is in zip folder then download it and unzip it in a particular folder.

Step 2: Debug the device. In order to do that you will have to select the option of debugging that would be available in the application, in settings. You must also enable “unknown sources” button.

Step 3: Now execute exploit and to do that you must open the exploit folder on the desktop and in it you will find a file named as; “runme.bat” file. Click on it and connect your note from the phone from whatever key that appears to do so.

Step 4: Reboot! During the process rebooting would be automatically done and after the termination of the process your Galaxy Note would be successfully rooted.

You will notice how quickly the procedure would be conducted and you would be thanking the sources who have developed this procedure. If you have experienced the old method then you will see how smoothing your work would be

done without any involvement of long hour headaches. Try it now and you would love it.


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