Android (Advanced): Guide To Install ClockworkMod Recovery

ClockworkMod Recovery! Many Android users would be familiar with this term. For those who don’t know, it is a custom recovery for Android devices. It allows users to make backups and restore them during a technical problem. Apart from that, custom ROMS, free apps and themes can also be flashed! Other functions include installing updates to Android OS and much more!

Below you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how you can install in on your Android phone!

How to Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

First thing users require is to root their Android device. Search on Google for how to root your particular device (Samsung, HTC etc.) After rooting, you can follow these steps, which are suitable for most devices, expect Nook Color and HTC HD2.

Step 1: Install the ROM Manager! First install it from this link. The Premium version can also be downloaded from here.

Step 2: Once done with the first step, launch the ROM Manager! Select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery from the main menu!

Step 3: Confirm the model of the device being

used. Different models require different versions of ClockworkMod so make sure the appropriate model is selected!

Step 4: The phone will reboot once the download process is complete and the ClockworkMod has been flashed!
Now if you want to boot into the cialis 100mg ClockworkMod, you can choose from two options! Either you can launch the ROM Manager and select Reboot into Recovery or you can reboot into CWM Recovery manually!

How To Reboot into ClockworkMod Manually

Step 1: Hold the power buttons of the phone and turn it off.

Step 2: Tap the exact button combination. Mostly the combination is: Volume Down + Power Key. However, the exact combination can we found on the internet! If you are using Galaxy S II, the combination is : Volume Up + Home + Power buttons, while the device boots itself!

Congrats! You have successfully installed/flashed CWM on your Andorid!



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