Android Basics: Simple Tip To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is surely one of the best Android devices out there. The Ice Cream Sandwich has given a real boost to Galaxy Nexus. It offers LTE 4G connectivity but this feature is draining the battery

life of Galaxy Nexus very quickly. But we have a simple tip that can change this problem. Read about it below!

This tip will turn your device into a 3G phone making the battery last longer. You also have the option to revert back to LTE 4G if you need the speed and then switch back to 3G once the job is done. So how can you do this?

There are Network Settings present in the device. Go to main Settings and tap the “More” option and locate the Mobile networks at the end. Press it and choose the Network mode.

Now, choose the CDMA selection and that’s it.

After you’re finished, you have turned off LTE for default connectivity and just increased the battery life of your Galaxy cheap clomid Nexus. You can also use the LTE Switch app to access these settings as the app provides an option on the home screen.


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