Android Basics: Wiping Out Data Before You Sell/Return/Exchange/Dispose Your Android Device

Wiping out your personal data before letting cialis 10mg go of your Android device is important. Security should be your number one priority. If your personal information floats around when you sell, return, exchange or dispose of your smartphone, it can be misused.

You must always remember to remove your personal data, and it’s very easy to do through an Android phone. This feature may vary for different companies but the idle thing to do is to go to the settings menu and search for a reset option.

  1. If you have a Galaxy Nexus with ICS, it’s below the

    aptly labeled “Backup and Reset” option. Select “Factory data reset,” and you’re finished.

  2. Users who are using a recent Motorola model can search below the “Storage” option in the settings menu. The LG Spectrum also has the same location for it.
  3. Samsung users should go to Settings > Privacy and then select factory reset.
  4. Users with Honeycomb tablets (e.g. Xoom) can find it under Settings > Privacy.

The option of hard-reset is present, and we might just have to search for it. Manufacturers and carriers should note that this feature should be standardized.

Your job is not done yet! There is still data on your microSD card. The data on it isn’t wiped through a factory reset generally. There are phones that grant you the option to format the SD card while you wipe the rest of the data. However, there are also those who don’t. If you are using the one which doesn’t give you the option, you can format

the card by connecting the device through a computer.


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