Android Tablet Market Share to beat Apple iPad by 2014

fusion_garage_joojooDespite the success of the original iPad and the recent announcement of the iPad 2, it’s widely expected that Android tables will catch up and overtake Apple’s dominance in tablet market share.

Analyst Mike Abramsky at RBC Capital Markets recently predicted that a flood of Android tablets of varying quality will hit the market in the next 18 months.  Most of these will be in the budget price range but higher quality tablets from Samsung, HTC and Motorola will take hold eventually if they can get their pricing right.

By 2014, Abramsky is predicting that Android will gain 40 percent of the tablet market share, Apple will be in second place with  34 percent and trailing in 3rd place will be 13 percent.  RIM (Blackberry) tablets and HP tablets running WebOS will round out the bottom.

We think this makes perfect sense to any clear-thinking individual: More choice for consumers means greater market share for Android devices.  With only about 20 million tablet devices out in the wild, the market is ripe for Android to take over another niche to add to it’s success in the smartphone arena.

[via eWeek]


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