AT&T Sheds More Light on Sideloading of Android Apps from Unknown Sources

A screenshot which leaked this past week gave us an idea that AT&T will actually allow sideloading of applications from unknown sources on Android devices. AT&T has now formally informed developers that the company plans to allow downloading of applications from unknown sources with future Android smartphones including some Android handsets that are currently available on the network. Other than allowing sideloading of applications a representative from AT&T said - "over the next few … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Two Minor Updates

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the most desired phones of this year, and now it has received a couple of upgrades which fixes some small bugs found in the device. One of the upgrades is related to some connectivity issues and Swype keyboard which the Galaxy S II has on board. The other update fixes the auto brightness control of the Galaxy S II. To download the update, Galaxy S II owners will have to connect the device with the Samsung Kies app. Besides these not so major bugs, the … [Read more...]

Gameloft Launches Asphalt 6: Adrenaline In the Android Market

Gameloft has launched some games in the Android Market and there's a new arrival now in the form of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. The game requires a big screen to work properly so there's a listing in the Android Market where compatible devices have been named. The gameplay is like a basic arcade game where you play as the driver of the car and you've to win races to advance further and so on. There are a total of 42 cars and bikes and these will run on the streets of Los Angeles and Tokyo. It also … [Read more...]

Google Launches “News Near You” on Google News for Cellphones

Google has launched a news service which provides news to users based on their location. This service makes use of Gulp! and provides you with substantial news about a particular location. Google carefully examines the story to provide users with news about their current location. And yes, this makes use of location tracking. But users can opt not to be tracked from a page that appears the first time you start using the service. But if you choose otherwise, Google will add a new bar at the … [Read more...]

Carriers Should Store User Location Data: Government

Location tracking allegations were thrashed on Apple and later on Google. As a result both the companies were scheduled to appear before a senate on the 10th of May. The Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein attending a senate hearing called by Al Franken said that it was in the government's interest that the carriers kept track of user locations and stated that this should continue for the next two years. This is what he had to say - "When this information is not stored, it may be … [Read more...]

Sharp Aquos SH-12C Can Record 3D Videos in 720p; Coming to Japan on May 20

3D phones are in abundance these days (well, in the news at least). We recently heard about the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC EVO 3D and some other Japanese brands coming up with 3D phones. And now it is another Japanese company that is in the news. Sharp apparently will be launching the Aquos SH-12C which will be capable of recording 720p 3D video. 3D technology however is not new for Sharp, the previous versions of the Sharp Aquos were capable of capturing 3D images, but not videos. But this new … [Read more...]

Google Updates Android Market with New App Discovery Features

Google has updated the Android Market and made some changes to it. They will be adding new discovery features to the market which makes it easier for the users to discover new apps and find the popular ones. Google said that they will be bringing out these changes on both the mobile app of the Android Market and the web version of the same. The web version of the Android Market seems to have already been updated with these features. Starting from June, the Android Market will list apps under … [Read more...]

Sprint Offering the Nexus S 4G For $199.99 On a Two Year Contract

The Google Nexus S 4G has finally made its way to Sprint on Mother's Day. You might think the Nexus S has lost its charm, but it is still one of Google's favorite device to launch the latest updates. So bear in mind that when you get a Nexus S, you'll practically be the first person to receive the updates followed by other Android counterparts. So you might as well head up to the store and get one for yourself now. And also, the Nexus S is one of the very few devices that doesn't come with a … [Read more...]

Gingerbread ROM for the T-Mobile G2x Leaked

Some might remember T-Mobile tweeting about their very own G2x getting the Gingerbread update very soon. The phone would actually have come loaded with Gingerbread if it weren't for testing of the handset which made T-Mobile stick with Froyo. But G2x owners will be pleased to know that a leaked version of the Gingerbread update is floating around in the internet. With this the users can get a feel of Gingerbread without having to wait for T-Mobile's update. This could possibly be the final … [Read more...]

5 Best Free Android Games

The Android platform is exploding in popularity and so are the games.  With more and more cool games in the Android Market every day, we did the work and  waded through them to bring you what we think are currently the best 5 free games for your Android device. 1. Home Run Battle 3D The free version is provided by Com2US.  This android game is an exciting 3D version of baseball's home run derby. It is an exciting game to play with your touch screen device. Playing with the same rules as … [Read more...]