Apple Gives Its Response To Amazon’s Counter Allegations

The Apple/Amazon battle is all but over with both companies flinging shots at each other. Amazon responded aggressively recently to Apple’s claims of copyright infringement by Amazon with the use of the term App Store. Amazon said that the term App Store is a generic term and Apple cannot sue them. And now Apple seems to have responded to that counter attack by Amazon.

“The current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘app’ as, in part, ‘[a]n application, esp. an application program…Apple further admits that the current edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary defines ‘store’ as, in part, a retail establishment selling items to the public: a health-food store.”

We’re not sure if Apple has a valid argument here, but it seems like Amazon might just have the upper hand. Because they have made a valid point by mentioning Steve Jobs’ quote, where he used the word App Store to describe all App markets in general. But according to the claims that Amazon have made, nobody can copyright the term App Store since they’ve mentioned it to be a generic term. Which in turn could be a problem to Amazon since they plan on applying for a copyright for the term. It should be really hard to get a generic term approved for copyright, but we’ll see in the coming days as to how these two companies tussle it out. Apple takes every copyright violation very seriously, because that is what makes them the brand that they are. Whatever the outcome, we’re really comfortable with calling both the app markets as App Stores.

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