Apple Sues 17 Year Old Boy For Selling “Stolen Parts” of The White iPhone 4

Apple has had issues with most companies regarding copyright violations and what not. In fact an ex employee had to even go behind the bars for revealing trade secrets. Well, now a 17 year old boy from China, with the ambition to make quick money, is in the picture. Apparently, this boy got access to stolen parts of the white iPhone 4 back in November, when the white iPhone 4 was expected to launch. He then set up a website named where he sold the parts for a hefty sum, more on that later.

This boy accessed the parts of the iPhone 4 through a business man in Shenzhen, China who apparently accessed the parts via Foxconn, Apple’s parts manufacturing wing. The boy then sold the parts which included the front and back plates and also the power button. The boy sold all three parts collectively for $279, he also sold the parts individually where the front plate was sold for $169 and the back plate was sold for  $135. Apple then as expected, shut the website down and sued the boy and his family claiming reimbursement of the sold parts and also asked him to return the profits he made by selling the parts.

Apple then reportedly filed for a dismissal of the lawsuit against the 17 year old. Maybe the boy’s family came to an agreement with Apple regarding the issue, not much information is available regarding that episode. One thing is for clear though, this will be a very good lesson for all to not mess with the Cupertino based giant again.

Source: PhoneArena


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