TweetDeck for iPhone Updated to Version 2.0

If you're a regular Twitter, Facebook user, you will definitely know about a bunch of clients to make things easier for you. TweetDeck is one such app. TweetDeck is a social networking client giving you a central interface in one screen. Well now the iPhone version of the popular app has been updated to version 2.0. The developers of TweetDeck claim that this version is more versatile than ever. This is possible because the whole twitter client has been given a new face, in other words it has … [Read more...]

NFC Enabled Angry Birds Exclusively on the Nokia C7

Angry Birds has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to promotional purposes. But here's something new for you folks. Rovio Mobile is launching Angry Birds Magic which apparently will be NFC enabled. But the big surprise is that it will be exclusive only to Nokia, the C7 in particular which will ship with this new version of Angry Birds. The Nokia C7 will be the first device to get it, but other Symbian devices will get it when the Anna update hits Symbian later. The free version of Angry … [Read more...]

CNN’s Android App Now Available in the Android Market

The CNN app for Android was released earlier when the Motorola XOOM hit stores, but the fact that it was only available on Honeycomb devices wasn't quite what people expected. But now the full and complete version of the app has made its way to the Android Market. This app is surely a step ahead of CNN's mobile site, not that the latter doesn't provide quick updates, but a full app always brings a lot more to the table. This app brings features like CNN Radio, live video footage, … [Read more...]

Rovio Launches Trailer For the Angry Birds Seasons Easter Eggs

We already knew that Rovio is bringing a new update to the Angry Birds franchise, but we didn't quite know what it would look like. Angry Birds Easter Eggs update has been talked about for quite some time now and we were ever so eager to get a peek at it. And to tingle our curious brains, Rovio has uploaded a new trailer which shows the Angry Birds Easter in action. This basically is a run through of the new game, going through various levels. Eggs are clearly noticeable here and we could make … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Launches Its Own Stream in the Android Market

Sony Ericsson has now launched their own stream in the Android Market which will guide users to get their hands on Sony Ericsson specific applications, we can see how this makes sense with the Xperia Play right around the corner. This is the first time that a handset manufacturer has received their own stream where they can sell handset specific apps. You will see the My Apps tab replaced by the Sony Ericsson Software portal. But not all Sony Ericsson users can access this stream, instead the … [Read more...]

Jajah for Android Brings Facebook Calling

You might have come across a bunch of voice calling apps like Skype or Tango, but have you ever seen an app which can make Facebook calls? Well, there is such app now. This app is called Jajah and it brings the feature to make voice calls to your Facebook friends. Here's how it works: A user has to first make a call to his online Facebook friend. After the call is made, the user on the other end will receive a link which will be forwarded to Jajah's website where they will be connected … [Read more...]

Twitter For BlackBerry Updated with Some New Features

Twitter has released the latest version of the Twitter for BlackBerry which brings some new features to the app. Users are now able to add geotags to their tweets to let your followers/friends know their current location, a brand new homescreen with a trendy layout has also been added, plus there are some tweaks to the UI itself like suggestions to auto complete your hashtags, support for a bunch of new languages like Chinese, Polish, Thai, Czech) and so on. These features have been available … [Read more...]

Official LinkedIn App Available in the Android Market

LinkedIn have now launched their official Android app in the Android Market. LinkedIn is a network where professional people connect, in other words LinkedIn provides job opportunities to potential employees and helps to increase connections. This app was previously in Beta but now they've announced the final release version. The developers behind this app plan on bringing a whole new set of updates as requested by the people during Beta testing. Now lets talk about the app itself. This app … [Read more...]

Bing Search Now Available for the iPad

The folks at Microsoft seem to be very inclined in bringing Bing to iOS, with Google not happy with the service. They launched the Bing app with voice search for iPhones last year and now they've launched the same service for the iPad as well. The app is the same as the one seen in iPhones but only bigger. The whole app uses the iPads real estate really well with image searches and video searches. Plus Bing Local and Maps helps you to navigate without any troubles in modes like aerial and … [Read more...]

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Rio to get an update within 2 months

Angry Birds has seen an enormous increase in popularity with the latest version of the game i.e. Rio. The fact that an animated movie is being made on the game itself is obviously a contributing factor behind the ever so increasing downloads. Rovio Mobile today responded to a random user’s tweet saying that the Angry Birds range of games will receive an “amazing” update within the coming months. Apparently, Angry Birds Seasons will receive an update during Easter and Angry Birds Rio and the … [Read more...]