AT&T Pushes Out Update for the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G

AT&T pushed out an update yesterday for the Atrix 4G. This update is said to be a remedy to a number of bugs and is said to improve performance of the device considerably including the one which brings HSUPA capabilities to the handset. This will boost mobile uploads to an extent.

AT&T is also pushing an update to the Inspire 4G. And like the Atrix update, the Inspire 4G will also support HSUPA for quicker data uploads and will bring an array of bug fixes. AT&T mentioned that a bit more fine tuning is required before faster HSUPA data radios could be turned on. It’s nice to see AT&T providing the update, while we see most carriers keeping their customers in the dark. AT&T suggests customers to download the update over Wi-Fi to avoid heavy data rates and also to keep the phone attached to the charger so that the battery doesn’t drain out when the update is being downloaded.

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