Best Launcher For Ice Cream Sandwich Is Nova (Download)

User experience on Android has been better than the iOS. Many apps are available in the Android market is available to satisfy the needs of those who are not happy with the launcher, stock keyboard and the music app. cheap viagra canada This means Android gives users more choice.

Google has added a new launcher to the Android 4.0 ICS. Even though it works well, it has some missing features. However, Nova Launcher is a new launcher that has moved out of beta and will include the missing features.

The Android Market describes it as highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for the Android 4.0+. It has Custom Grid, Scrollable Dock, Scroll Effects, Infinite Scroll, Folder Icons, Backup/Restore, Gestures, Hide Apps, Dock Swipes and Additional Scroll Effects. The Nova Launcher adds many neat features and lets the users customize the grid layout, remove the Google search bar, scroll dock icons so that there is space for four more icons, customize the look of the Folder Icons and most importantly, backup the homescreen configuration and restore it after flashing a new ROM.

Two versions

are available. A full-featured “Prime” version that includes the ability to use multi-touch gestures such as pinching, single/double finger swiping to quality launch the Nova actions or apps, hiding apps that are not in use, dock app swipes and more scroll effects. A feature-limited free version is also available. You can download the two versions from these links.

The free version can be downloaded from this link.

The Prime version can be downloaded from this link.

Let us know if you try it.


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