Carriers Should Store User Location Data: Government

Apple Google

Location tracking allegations were thrashed on Apple and later on Google. As a result both the companies were scheduled to appear before a senate on the 10th of May. The Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein attending a senate hearing called by Al Franken said that it was in the government’s interest that the carriers kept track of user locations and stated that this should continue for the next two years. This is what he had to say – “When this information is not stored, it may be impossible for law enforcement to collect essential evidence”. The Federal Trade Commission has said that the location data may be used only when needed. It is notable however that Apple recently rolled out an iOS update as a fix to the location tracking bug, Google however hasn’t updated Android OS yet.

This comes as a relief to both Apple and Google who were slammed left and right by experts and analysts around the globe. Whereas the users and common public do not approve of this, because lets face it, who likes being watched all the time? But as these companies have already stated, the data collected will remain anonymous and will not be easily accessible to anyone so we think it’s fine.




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