T-Mobile’s “Insomnia Sale” Postponed To Wednesday Midnight EDT

T-Mobile's "Insomnia Sale" which will feature devices like the T-Mobile G2 and the G2x has now been postponed to Wednesday midnight (Eastern Daylight Time). Which means that users who were eagerly anticipating the sale from Monday will now have to wait 48 hours more. And with devices like the T-Mobile G2x being part of the insomnia sale, it is obvious that some would be frustrated. T-Mobile gave out this information via twitter. And since we're in the topic, lets look into the prospects of the … [Read more...]

AT&T Sheds More Light on Sideloading of Android Apps from Unknown Sources

A screenshot which leaked this past week gave us an idea that AT&T will actually allow sideloading of applications from unknown sources on Android devices. AT&T has now formally informed developers that the company plans to allow downloading of applications from unknown sources with future Android smartphones including some Android handsets that are currently available on the network. Other than allowing sideloading of applications a representative from AT&T said - "over the next few … [Read more...]

Verizon to Launch Samsung Droid Charge Today

The Samsung Droid Charge had a rather disappointing launch when Verizon's networks went down rapidly the very day of its launch. This also caused the delay of the Verizon Droid X2 which was supposed to launch yesterday. But now Verizon is all geared up for the Droid Charge's re launch. The Droid Charge will be launched by Big Red today at midnight. This is one of those very few 4G LTE enabled devices on Big Red's network. The Droid Charge won't be available for a reasonable price though. You … [Read more...]

AT&T Could Launch LTE in New York On June 30

Previous reports claimed that AT&T was planning to launch its LTE service during Q3 and Q4 of 2011, but new reports accessed by a website suggest otherwise. According to these reports, AT&T could launch the LTE service as soon as June 30 in New York and on July 24 in Los Angeles. This is very good news for users waiting for this service, though there's not much clarity as to when other cities would receive the service. But with 4G enabled handsets slowly making its way into the market we … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Could Make Its Way To Verizon With LTE

Even though Verizon is currently plagued by 4G LTE coverage shortage, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of new rumors on Big Red's network. Well, it is being said that Verizon could launch a LTE enabled tablet soon, and that tablet would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This info is available from Verizon's leaked product database which clearly suggests that Samsung's latest tablet could feature on Verizon with LTE coverage. The number SCH-I905 could well be the Galaxy Tab's preliminary model … [Read more...]

Verizon Droid X2 to Hit Markets on May 26

Verizon's first dual-core Tegra 2 running smartphone, the Droid X2 has now been delayed after being shown off and getting customers all tempted. Verizon's 4G LTE network shortage seems to be a very concerning issue now. Verizon promoted their 4G LTE coverage with much fervor and grandeur, only to fail at the last minute. The Motorola Droid X2 seems to have fallen prey to the shortage this time with Big Red delaying the launch of the device which was supposed to be in the market today, the device … [Read more...]

AT&T Could Lose $6 Billion If the T-Mobile Merger Is Cancelled

The AT&T/T-Mobile merger just doesn't seem to get off the news. Most of you must have thought about the possibility of this merger not happening or being cancelled, but do you know what would happen if the deal were to be cancelled? Well, it was recently told by AT&T that if the deal was cancelled, AT&T was supposed to pay T-Mobile a fee of $3 billion, but now a new report by Reuters claims that AT&T will actually have to pay $6 billion to T-Mobile in assets and cash (i.e in the … [Read more...]

Sprint Offering the Nexus S 4G For $199.99 On a Two Year Contract

The Google Nexus S 4G has finally made its way to Sprint on Mother's Day. You might think the Nexus S has lost its charm, but it is still one of Google's favorite device to launch the latest updates. So bear in mind that when you get a Nexus S, you'll practically be the first person to receive the updates followed by other Android counterparts. So you might as well head up to the store and get one for yourself now. And also, the Nexus S is one of the very few devices that doesn't come with a … [Read more...]

AT&T Finally Allows Sideloading of Third Party Apps

We wrote about the AT&T Infuse 4G yesterday and we were thoroughly impressed with the handset. And apart from the sleek looks and a large display there's something that is quite out of the ordinary about the device. As most AT&T users might know, downloading of third party apps is not supported on its network. But this time with the Infuse 4G, AT&T is actually allowing side-loading of third party apps which is a very good supplement to the handset. Most Android smartphones we find in … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Lost About 471,000 Customers in the Last Quarter Alone

AT&T proposed the acquisition of T-Mobile recently which still remains in the balance since approvals are being awaited. And now it seems like T-Mobile could benefit from the buy out/acquisition because recent numbers suggest that T-Mobile is going through a crisis of sorts. Apparently, about 471,000 contractual subscribers left T-Mobile within the first three months of 2011. These numbers do tell a story, don't they? Other networks however are doing relatively well. With AT&T having 2 … [Read more...]