Dell to Launch Two Tablets This Year


Dell’s roadmap revealing a new Windows 7 running 10-inch tablet was revealed in February. Back then we thought this was all that Dell had in mind. But now, it seems like Dell have another tablet up their sleeves. But only this time it will run on Android instead of Windows 7. This was confirmed by Dell when speaking to Forbes.

We think Dell have responded to the rising market conditions and the demand for Android tablets. Gone are the days when people relied on Windows. If sources are to be believed, the Android tablet might join Dell’s Streak range of devices and could be launched soon, we’re not sure about the specifications though. The Windows 7 tablet however, could be launched during fall this year. Both these tablets will feature a 10.1-inch capacitive screen like most tablets out there. A notable 10.1 -incher being the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was revealed at the MWC.

Possibilities of the device sporting a dual-core CPU cannot be ruled out. It is also said that the Android tablet could run Honeycomb, since most of the Android devices this year will be running on Honeycomb, even though only one such device is available so far i.e. the Moto XOOM. They could even go with Froyo and make us all disappointed instead.





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