Gesture controlled gaming could make its way to Android

Last month a hacker managed to hack the Microsoft Kinect to work on Android devices. Back then, it was just some hacker trying out new things. But now, the technology is being developed for real by a company.  This company known as XTR3D are apparently creating an app called iZi which will work on gesture control and run apps or even games with the technology.

How would this app work? Simple, once installed the users will have to use hand gestures for scrolling through mails or even turning pages, pinching gesture to zoom in and zoom out of text or media, switching tabs or any function for that matter. Gaming seems to be the prime focus with the gesture controlling feature. Racing games could be made easier, probably reading a driving gesture you make. The app would function on any device with a front facing camera, so any extra hardware isn’t necessary.

This could redefine gaming, and give the ‘PlayStation Phone’ a run for its money since this would work on a totally different technology. But generally people prefer a physical keyboard for gaming, but a gesture controlled device could work too, look at the Xbox Kinect. And with 3D phones gradually making its way into the market, the gaming experience could increase significantly. This could pair up pretty well with 3D displays.

Currently running in Beta with laptops, we’re not sure as to when this could officially make its way to the Android Market, but when it does, we assume it’s going to be big.


Via: Droid Gamers


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