Get The iTunes App Store Explorer For Your Android Device!

The two hit operating system; iOS and Android are cardinally famous for the way the amazing features that they have offered their users. The iTunes App Store and the App Store for Android are fully loaded with latest information on up to date applications and their access. Among the two operating systems the iTune nearly makes its way to the top owing to the reason that it releases far more apps and information than Android does. Android users are left envying the amazing iTunes apps; such as the Instagram. (Instagram is a photo editing software that has features that allow incredible editing.)

Up until now there had not been any source for the Android users to view the apps that are available for the other entire OS App Store. No doubt, internet has an access to everything and one can check the updates on the web but do you deem that in

today’s time it is allowable to make use of a comparatively slow process like this when there is a possibility to introduce software that would work faster and easier. There  had to be a solution for Android users such that they are able to check on the app available on other app stores. iTunes App Store Explorer is exactly the thing what we are talking about. The explorer allows a complete access to information on apps available for iPhones. No longer has one got to browse the internet for the latest in comings and the out goings.

The explorer allows a hundred percent inspection of data available on the App Store. There are myriad of features available for searching

and discovering the updates. You are able to search important information regarding the particular application and then can easily share the app to your friends. This software in essence has filled in the lacuna that for long had kept the Android user curious. This software enables you to get to know about app’s ranking and the availability in particular region and language. The most important of all; public reviews are also available and it also allows screen shot views which makes the users understand the app even better. The only thing that one might feel bad about is that this explorer does not allow the iOS emulator; a way to test games and other applications.

The software is easily available over the web. A great marketing strategy is the free of cost service and product, this very strategy is adopted here. Yes, it is true that the explorer is available to all, free of cost. The explorer is a great tool for all the developers who do not own the Apple smart phones. This software greatly shapes Android user back in shape and still the iOS and Android are on high road, well competing. In upcoming future Android is suspected to release even better apps and software for its users. Try this now and post your review and help others in comprehending the benefits that they are deprived of.

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