Google Chrome Beta For Some Unsupported Android Devices (Download)

You might be shocked to know that only one device, which is currently shipping has the latest version of the Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of the statistics also shows that approximately 1% of Android devices have the ICS installed. It seems plausible that Android 4.0 might not make its way into a majority of the devices as Google has hinted that the Jelly Bean could be ready by fall of this year.

However, if you’re an Android user and are one of the lucky people who’re using the Ice Cream Sandwich and have experienced what it alternative viagra for women if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link23″).style.display=”none”;} has to offer, then you might already know about the beta release of the Google Chrome browser. This mobile version browser is

now exclusively available for the Android operating system.

The beta release of the Google Chrome browser has all the features we are familiar with. It also features real-time syncing of tabs opened on a desktop browser and fully working tabbed browsing. The mobile version also provides accessibility to books. It also provides tilt scrolling due to support for the device’s accelerometer. It also has 3D transition effects between the tabs and history access to the most visited pages along with auto-filling of forms, JavaScript support and a good pop-up blocker. Though all of these things sound exciting keep in mind that this browser is in its beta stage and it’s for only recently released devices.

A member of the XDA-Developers forums, lenny_kano, has released an .apk file which allows users to run the browser on any device, which has the Ice Cream Sandwich and a ARMV7 processor or higher. Keep in mind that you’ll have to remove the previous version of Chrome before you install the apk as it’s already a highly modified version of the same browser. You can visit the XDA-Developer thread for more information about this file as well as the download link if you’re interested in it.



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