Google Launches “News Near You” on Google News for Cellphones

Google has launched a news service which provides news to users based on their location. This service makes use of Gulp! and provides you with substantial news about a particular location. Google carefully examines the story to provide users with news about their current location. And yes, this makes use of location tracking. But users can opt not to be tracked from a page that appears the first time you start using the service. But if you choose otherwise, Google will add a new bar at the bottom of the page called “News Near You” which is exactly like it sounds. You can customize the sections according to your liking later by heading over to the personalization page. But if you opted to be tracked and then started to worry about it, there’s an option to turn it off.

This news service seems like a pretty good attempt by Google to keep users updated with news surrounding them. But this feature needs a user’s location to be tracked, so that could be concerning to a few. To start using this feature all you need to do is head over to from your Android or iOS browser and complete the initial setup and you are good to go.

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