Google Search for iOS Revamped

Google apparently has updated or rather slightly revamped the iOS interface of the Google Search Engine. Though it doesn’t seem completely new or out of the ordinary, this is defintely a welcome addition. It seems like they have tried to make it like the desktop version of the Google website. This basically brings a new layout to the iOS version of the browser with improved categories like news, searches, images and places. Interestingly, when the drop down icon is pressed, a user is now able to see Google’s list of services like Buzz, Translate, Gmail, Photos, Maps and YouTube of course. We really like how the categories are laid out making it look quite slick.

The revamped version looks pretty good and neat. But the user who sent these images in to a website claims that the changes magically disappeared after some time, which could well mean that this is still in its testing stages. But either ways, a roll out could certainly be expected. There is little info about this, since Google is yet to speak about the new update. But we can hope them to speak about this soon.

We really loved the new and revamped Google Web Search interface for iOS and it is really commendable how Google manages to keep everybody happy, even their rivals in the field. Lets hope they show some love towards Android as well, which is imperative given that Android is Google’s brain child. For all we know, the brains at Google are already in the works for this update to be rolled out.

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