Google Updates Android Market with New App Discovery Features

Android Market

Google has updated the Android Market and made some changes to it. They will be adding new discovery features to the market which makes it easier for the users to discover new apps and find the popular ones. Google said that they will be bringing out these changes on both the mobile app of the Android Market and the web version of the same. The web version of the Android Market seems to have already been updated with these features.

Starting from June, the Android Market will list apps under the “hot right now” category. This list will show the apps that are trending since the past one month instead of the ones trending since 3-4 months which means no app will have an unfair advantage by being listed on top all the time. This will be of great help to developers who wish to gain more exposure for their applications. Developers previously complained that the Android Market showed the apps that have been trending since the past few months, hence it was almost impossible for new apps to make its way up the list. With this new update it seems like Google has responded to those criticisms fairly well.

Also to be added is the Top New Paid and Top New Free list of apps which will further help users narrow down their searches based on its price. The cool thing about these lists however is that they are location oriented. So the list will display apps that are trending in your region which again is very convenient. So if developers have created country or region specific apps, they need not worry about their apps getting mixed up in the list. These new features have been created with both the developers and the users in mind. The developers will be able to gain much wider exposure and for the users finding or discovering new apps just got so much easier.



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