How to Enable Swype on your Android Phone


Swype is a special input method for touch screen phones that allows you to slide your finger across the letters to make words. It has a traditional QWERTY keyboard and is just like typing, except you don’t have to lift a finger. The concept of Swype is to text fast and easy, sliding one finger to each letter of a word only lifting to indicate a space between words, takes less time then clicking each letter and space manually.

Swype has a input path analyzer, a word search engine, and a customizable interface, making its accuracy and speed top notch, it is possible to type 50 words per minute, the record being 55 words in only 35.54 seconds using Swype.

The installation process is unnecessary for some new Android based phones like these: HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy S, myTouch 3G, Samsung Omnia II, Motorola CliqXT, Motorola i1, nokia C7, but if you need to install it to your Android, never fear it’s quick and easy.

Step 1

Go to the Android market place and download and install the Astro file manager. The Astro file manager will allow you to move, rename and delete files on your Android phone. Astro is capable of dealing with single or many applications at one time; it’s something that comes in handy at anytime.

Step 2

Download Then unzip the link which will give you a file called “[mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk”.

Step 3

Copy the APK file to your Android’s SD card. To find the file after you have copied it to your Androids SD card, first go to settings, then in your settings menu, find and select applications. In appwype.lications you will see a box next to the words, Unknown Sources, check it.

Step 4

Using Astro, browse for the APK file you copied to your SD card. After you have found the APK file, install using the Astro file manager.

Step 5

Now to ensure that the Download has worked properly and to begin using Swype on your Android, go to Settings and find Language and Keyboard. In language and keyboard you will see Swype Keyboard, enable it by selecting Swpye. You can now switch between the standard keyboard to the new and improved Swype keyboard by tapping and holding any text input screen.

I would highly recommend Swype, I use it all the time with my Android, because it really makes things go a lot faster when you need to get a message across. Swype is good to use when you’re like me and have a million things to juggle at once, or even when you’re just sitting there and relaxing. Not only is Swype easy enough to do with one hand, but you can use Swype to text out a message holding a kid in one hand, a diaper bag, a back pack and a blanket in the other.


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