How to Identify Which Version of Android you are Running

You’ve finally got one – an Android!  The fantastic tablet that’s a phone, camera, diary, alarm, calculator, video camera, mini pc (practically), and the most amazing gaming machine ever. Your friends have all been raving about it, the media has gone hyper about it.  The Android is awesome – with all those amazing apps you can do just about anything with it. 

So you’re talking incessantly to your crowd about how cool this is, and when you stop for breath one of them says  “Which version are you running?”

Of course, if you’re an Androidaholic you’ll know, but, if not, it’ll be a case of
“Uuh…”, accompanied by a blank facial expression.

You get the picture.  How can you find out?  Do you ask your buds and risk your street cred?

As your Android phone is new it’s probably running Eclair or Froyo, but it can be confusing since there have been 5 major releases of Android OS since 2009 – Cupcake (1.5); Donut (1.6); Eclair (2.0); Eclair (2.1) and Froyo (2.2). Gingerbread (3.0) is the latest release.  Add to this the fact that some Android tablets have slightly different wordings and small variations in the steps to take, it’s easy to become infuriated – after all, you just want to get down to business.  So, I have compiled this step-by-step guide – complete with pictures – to help you out.

From the ‘Home’ screen select the Menu option.

From this Menu select the Settings option.

From the Settings menu select About Phone (this is usually at the bottom of the screen).

On the About Phone page there will be several items relating to the details and running of
your phone – such as its status, battery usage, model number, mod version and, the
all-important Android version (on some phones this is called Firmware version).

Some HTC phones may need a further step.  In this instance, select Software Information.

The build number is the variant of the Android version.

Incidentally, the model number is especially important.  It will be needed  for insurance purposes in the event of a claim resulting from loss, theft or damage.

Other technical information on the About Phone screen is vital when you are considering which
apps are compatible and whether you will want to update in the future.  This information may also explain why other Androids have some features that are not available on yours – or vice versa.


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