How to Root your Samsung Captivate the Easy Way

android root captivateIf you’ve had your Android phone for any length of time and are even the slightest bit interested in “tweaking” your phone, no doubt you’ve probably heard about the advantages of “rooting” your phone. By rooting, you can basically break free from your carriers’ restrictions on what apps you can load, get rid of unwanted pre-installed apps, and even put a completely custom version of Android on your phone.

A lot of the rooting instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S phones out here on the web get pretty complicated, and sometimes it doesn’t go exactly as described. Even some of the “one-click” root applications built by the smart guys over at and other sites get messy.

So I put together these relatively easy instructions to help you root a Samsung Captivate or other Galaxy S phone (Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic)

Note: This is not the only way to root your phone, but it’s the easiest way we’ve found.  So here’s my disclaimer: even if you follow these instructions to a T, something may go wrong, and I’m not responsible if you “brick” your phone, so proceed at your own risk!

Having said that, you should be fine.  I did this to root my Samsung Captivate and it worked perfectly.

1. Set USB debugging mode to ON. From the Homescreen, press the Menu button, thats this one –> captivate menu button

Then press Settings, Applications, Development. and check the USB debugging checkbox.

usb debugging mode

2. Install the USB drivers for your phone. You can download them here:

For Linux and Mac users, download the Android SDK.  Those drivers should work well.

3. Plug in your phone to your computer.  Swipe down the status bar and select “USB Connected” and click “Mount”

usb connectedmount usb

4. Get one-click Root:

5. On your computer, unzip GalaxyS_One-Click_Root_All_Models.rar and copy to your internal SD card and rename it to

6. Open one-click root (Galaxy_One-Click_Root.exe) and run it.

7. Your phone will automatically reboot and enter Recovery mode.  On your phone, use the up and down buttons (volume) to select “Reinstall Packages” and click the power button (on the right) to run it. This step will use the file to root your phone.

8. Your phone will reboot and your phone is now rooted with your stock ROM.

9. Reboot again, to be sure that all the changes took place.

Verify that your Phone is Rooted

There’s a few ways to tell if your Samsung Captivate is rooted,  and the most obvious one is that after completeing the above procedure, you will see the icon under your Applications:

superuser permission
You can also go to the Android Marketplace and download the Titanium Backup (free version) and run it. It requires a rooted phone, so if it didn’t it will tell you.

Another way is to download an app called Root Check from the Android Marketplace which will tell you if you are successfully rooted.

Now you’re ready to side load apps,  run apps that require root access, or put a custom ROM on it if you want (Froyo, etc).  Have fun!


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