How To Set Up Gmail on your Android Device

First, we’ll assume you have a Gmail account already, and you want to get your gmail e-mail on your Android smartphone. If not, you need to go to and create an account.

There are two ways to setup Gmail on your android phone. The phone comes with a generic “Mail” program, but you can also download a Gmail specific application – this is what we will be doing here.

1. Gmail app in the Android Marketplace

Go to the android marketplace and search  for “gmail”. It should come up in the top 5. Install the app.
Or, click here, or scan the QR code:







2. Place the app wherever you want it. Notice that I replaced the standard Mail application with the Gmail app on my dock. My Gmail account is the only one I care about enough to check on my phone. All the other ones I can check on my mail program on my computer or on the web. For instructions on how to change the applications on your dock, see our directions here.










3. When you click on the Gmail app it will ask you to type in your gmail account. Follow the directions – it really is that easy!

The dedicated Gmail app has a lot of things going for it and we prefer this app over using the “Mail” program.

–  Email pushed automatically to your phone
– Search all your messages
– Access synched messages when off line
– View messages by conversation
– Multiple Gmail accounts
– Stars, labels, and many other features



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