How to Take a Screenshot on your Samsung Captivate.

Most Android phones have a simple key combo that gives you a screenshot. The Captivate has this too, but no one knows how to use it. We’ve been able to accidently do it once, but have since been unable to duplicate the right combination of keys.  Most apps for screenshots end up forcing you to root your phone  –  the easiest way to take screenshots, but rooting your phone renders your warranty void most of the time. If you do not mind rooting your device, we have directions here.

How to take a screenshot of your Samsung Captivate (without rooting).

Step 1. You need to have Sun Java SE Development Kit (SDK). If you don’t, you can download it from hereHome Page. Download and install this on to your personal computer.

Step 2. Now download Android SDK and extract it on to somewhere you can remember easily like your desktop.

Step 3. You now need to put your Samsung Captivate on USB Debugging Mode. Follow these simple steps.

a. Go to Settings and select Applications.

b. Now select Development.

c. Before connecting your phone, Check on the USB Debugging option.

You should be able to see an icon on your notification bar as seen below.

Step 4. Now connect your phone with your personal computer via USB cable. Note that the device is in USB debug mode. You will see that some of the devices are getting installed as this is your first time.


An internet connection is necessary for the installation as drivers will be downloaded on the fly.

Assuming that the above steps were successful, proceed to the further steps:

Step 5. Now that you have connected your phone with the pc, there should be a shortcut called Screenshot Shortcut which points to a file called ddms.bat in the Tools folder. You can find this shortcut in the android-sdk-windows folder you previously extracted on to the desktop. Double click on this shortcut/batch file. You may now see a black cmd screen. Some time later you will see the Graphical User Interface(GUI).

You should now be able to see the phone. If everything is proceeding as shown, Go to Device Menu, select Screenshot option or use Ctrl+S. You should be able to see the live screen of your device now. You can Refresh or Copy the screenshot by clicking the Refresh and Copy buttons as you deem fit.

Note: Do not forget to Turn OFF USB Debugging Mode on your device once you are done.

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