HTC Flyer available for pre-order on Clove; hitting stores Mid-April

Waiting for the HTC Flyer’s launch? Here’s something to lift your spirits, UK based technology firm Clove has listed the HTC Flyer as available for pre order. The website claims that the tab will hit stores in mid-April but fail to mention the pricing. Due to the inability to offer valid pricing, they’ve said that they’ll adjust prices from the customers before the product is sent out based on who ordered first. Which we think is quite out of the ordinary, but its still good news.

This tablet also happens to be the first by HTC, and comes with a stylus of sorts, known as the “Magic Pen”. This would apparently increase the realism of the usage, making you feel like you’re using a real pen. Well these are just claims by the company, nothing can be said until it’s officially available in the market. Apart from this, the tablet will feature a 7″ inch capacitive touchscreen with HTC’s Sense UI and a 1.5 GHz chipset. But there has been some confusion with regard to the OS it would run. Clove claims that the device will launch with Android 2.4, which according to them is the cellphone variant of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. But it has also been heard that HTC are planning to bring out the tab as soon as possible, with Android 2.4 perhaps and from there update it to Honeycomb, with Sense UI of course.

Whether this would be a hit with the customers or not is a very difficult question to answer, the customers might just budge in favor of the magic pen, since styluses are a rarity these days, but you never know. Though the pricing is still inconclusive, it’s pleasing to know there’s a launch date mentioned. Mid-April is not far away, hopefully some other will retailers come forward with more information about the device.

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