Increase The Sound Capacity Of Your Galaxy Nexus With Volume+ (Download)

It’s disappointing when you buy a good Smartphone

and realize that though it has a lot of features, it doesn’t pack a satisfactory punch when it comes to its hardware. I mean, a device should be capable enough to allow the user to hear the alarms, the ringtones and the call being received, etc.

Though the Galaxy Nexus has without a doubt received worldwide critical acclaim, it falls short in some hardware areas. People have complained that it has a weak GPS, not so satisfying camera and very tiny speakers! But not to worry as a new app has been released for the Galaxy Nexus which enhances the device’s speakers, Bluetooth, headset and the In-call volume. So, if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link148″).style.display=”none”;} if you’re interested in this app by the name ‘Volume+’, then click to read more about it!

As the name clearly implies, Volume+ increases the sound (volume) capacity of the device. According to the official website, this app is for Android devices, which run Gingerbread (2.3) or higher, and it helps in boosting the maximum volume of the device’s ringtones, alarms, message tones, etc. In essence, this app is a heavily modified DSP Manager which has been rewritten from scratch. Sounds useful right? When Volume+ has been installed on the device, all you need to do is go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Sound’ and ‘Music Effects’ to activate this app. After you’ve launched the app, it will enable you to customize speaker/in-call/headset settings. It also allows users to choose pre-included EQ settings.

You can get a free as well as a paid version of the Volume+ app through the Android Market. The developer’s official website also has a paid version for free legitimately which you can get as well. If you’re interested in this app and find that takes care of the low-volume problem, then it’s a good thought that you buy the paid version from the Android Market as a way to support the developer.

Do keep in mind that this app has been normally tested on the Galaxy Nexus, though the developer recommends that users use a custom ROM, i.e. MIUI, and that they use EQ settings with care as not doing so can harm the device. You can get this app from the links below;

Click here for getting the Volume+ form the Android Market.

Click here for getting the Volume + from the developer’s official website.


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