Motorola Atrix rooted before its launch

The Motorola Atrix has been rooted even before it has been released. Yeah you heard it right, the folks at designgears and getaphixx have rooted the Moto Atrix which is on its way to AT&T. It’s quite uncanny that a handset gets rooted even before its launch. Well, in case you don’t know what rooting is, a user gets advanced privileges after their device has been rooted. But companies don’t approve of this with an excuse of providing us with “protection”.

Though it is currently not possible to flash drives since the bootloader is locked, the Atrix will be available in some time and it should be possible then. One thing must be noted though, don’t ever try rooting your device if you’re unfamiliar with the technicalities involved in the process. The handset will be up for pre-order soon.

For more information on how to root your Moto Atrix when you get your hands on it, visit Briefmobile.

Via: The Droid Guy


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