How to Download or Remove Android Apps

Downloading and installing applications or games on to your android is a very easy task. It is recommended that you install applications directly from the android market, which can be found here. There are some free apps while some of them require a payment. Read on to find out how to download android apps. The procedure for downloading free apps: Step 1. Choose the item you want to download and click on the Install button. You will see a pop up like this. Step 2. Click on INSTALL … [Read more...]

How to download ringtones to your android phone

  You just bought an android phone and you are checking out the features on it. Wondering how to get some nice ring tones on it? Read on to find out how to download ring tones on to your android in a few simple steps. Step 1. First things first, select the songs or sounds on your computer which you think might be a nice ringtone for your android. If not in mp3 format already, convert them. Windows users can make use of this. Step 2. There will be a USB cable provided with your … [Read more...]

How To Switch Between Apps and Tasks and Using Task Manager – Android OS

Switching Between Apps and Tasks and Using the Task Manager Part of our Simple How To series This is a nice feature that was introduced with the second iteration of the Android OS (Froyo). 1. Wherever you are, press and hold the "Home" button. A window will pop up with all your recently opened applications. You can select any one application and open it. This instead of pressing the home button and then navigating to a different app and then opening it. If you know this keystroke, … [Read more...]

How to Create a Contact Shortcut for One-Touch Dialing – Android OS

Creating a Contact Shortcut for On-Touch Dialing Part of our Simple How To series You probably have at least one person you call the majority of the time. For me it is my wife and I prefer one simple keystroke to make the call, instead of going into the phone and then into recent calls or contacts. This is simple! 1. From your home screen, press on the Menu button - usually lower left corner with a few lines on it. 2. This brings up a grid of items  - press "Add" 3. Press the … [Read more...]

How To Adjust Settings and Options in an Application – Android OS

Adjusting Settings and Options in an Application Part of our Simple How To series Here is a simple How To that will show you how to make changes and to set up options in any application and/or different items on your phone. For this one, it is better if we do a few different examples. Everything revolves around the Menu button on your phone. Examples 1. Books. I am reading "Great Expectations" on my phone whenever I am stuck somewhere waiting, like at the Doctor's office. When in … [Read more...]

How To View All Window Screens on One – Android OS

Viewing All Window Screens on One Screen At the Same Time Part of our Simple How To series This is a nice feature that was introduced with the second iteration of the Android OS (Froyo). 1. From any one of the home screens, use your fingers and "pinch" toward one another. The screen will change and will show you small versions of all your home screens. This also works for your App screens. 2. Alternately, but not quite as fun, from the home screen press the menu button and then … [Read more...]

How To Add Contacts to Your Favorites List – Android OS

How to Add Contacts to Your Favorites List - Android OS Part of our Simple How To series Although this is very simple, it isn't very apparent as to how to actually add a contact to your favorites list. 1. Go to "Contacts". 2. Select the contact you wish to add to your favorites list. 3. Touch the little star next to the contact's name and it should turn yellow. 4. Go back and into your phone and you should see the contact there under "Favorites". 5. Done. Very simple, … [Read more...]

Swype Tips and Tricks

Swype has and will change messaging on smart phones and tablets for good. I still remember, clearly, just a few years ago using a tiny numeric keyboard with T9 technology that guessed what the word would be. Swype is sort of life-changing, and even though i've used it for months now, I still marvel and am happily amused whenever I send full sentence messages to my iPhone friends at lightning quick speeds. If you haven't already, read our article on how to enable Swype on your Android phone. … [Read more...]

QR Codes – How To, What For

When I came over from iPhone Land, I of course wanted to get back some of my favorite apps. This began a somewhat terrible experience trying to find my way around the Android Marketplace. If there is one thing that Google should do well, you would think it would be to search well, and to optimize search results. The reality, however, is not quite that nice. Enter QR codes. QR (Quick Response) codes are basically just bar codes. Scan such a code with your camera phone and you will be taken … [Read more...]