NFC Enabled Angry Birds Exclusively on the Nokia C7

NFC Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to promotional purposes. But here’s something new for you folks. Rovio Mobile is launching Angry Birds Magic which apparently will be NFC enabled. But the big surprise is that it will be exclusive only to Nokia, the C7 in particular which will ship with this new version of Angry Birds. The Nokia C7 will be the first device to get it, but other Symbian devices will get it when the Anna update hits Symbian later.

The free version of Angry Birds Magic will come with 20 new levels. The first 5 of which will be played in the regular style, but after that you will need to pair with other devices(and by pair we mean get another NFC enabled phone and keep it awfully close to each other) to go further into levels. The paid version of the app however is still not completely ready but will make more use of NFC creatively and effectively.

[YouTube via Phone Arena]




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