Nokia’s “iDoalotmore” Ad Teases Apple

We know how Nokia has been failing to match up with the world market and rising competition, so it was imperative that they did something about it. One might wonder as to how Nokia would get back in business. Well, one way to gain media attention is by advertising or campaigning. Nokia has taken the help of something similar by giving out a rather uncanny advertisement on the Indian newspaper Times Of India. The ad as you can see below says “iDoalotmore”. This clearly is a pick at Apple’s iDevices. But does it make sense? The answer is no, because no matter how advanced a phone’s camera is you need sufficient hardware and an operating system to manage it.

iDoalotmore Ad

This in fact is a very poorly executed ad campaign by Nokia. We can’t help but think if Android’s next. One thing is for sure, Apple’s lawyers will have busy days ahead, thinking of how to get back at Nokia. Now lets look into Nokia’s claims of superiority. Nokia brags about Nokia Maps and free navigation and the superior camera quality of the Nokia N8. But when you think about it, do you really need a camera of that caliber on a phone? Yes a decent camera is sufficient on a smartphone, but what good is the camera when there aren’t enough applications to supplement that. That’s where iOS has an upper hand. So we think Nokia should think twice before making ad campaigns like these, they should realize that people aren’t blind. We can only imagine as to how worked up the folks at Cupertino would have gotten looking at this news.

Also notable is the mention of the USB on-the-go feature which is an interesting supplement to the handset and it changes the way data is transferred on cellphones. But all that doesn’t help the cause with an OS like Symbian^3. This could well be a teaser for the Symbian Anna update which is said to bring some interesting new features to the table, but we’re not sure if it would be able to match up with the likes of Android and iOS.




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