RIM confirms Android apps to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook

As we published some days ago that RIM could be working on making Android apps work on the PlayBook, RIM has now confirmed these rumors. Apparently the PlayBook will sport a separate app player which would run Android apps; this app player will be available for download on the day of the PlayBook’s release. Apparently the PlayBook will run both BlackBerry Java as well as Android apps. And RIM only mentioned Gingerbread apps, so we’re not sure if Honeycomb apps would be downloadable.

The PlayBook would provide support for HTML5, AIR, Flash and C or C++. And apparently, the apps developed by Android or BlackBerry app developers could be easily ported onto the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

With this confirmation by RIM, we’re surprised as to what Google is thinking. And with Android apps now being able to run on the PlayBook, we can see more people going for this particular tab, to get the best of both i.e, the feel of the BlackBerry Tablet OS and the apps from Android. This seems like a pretty nice move by RIM, and could work in favor for them. But the availability of Honeycomb apps would’ve been a nice addition to the PlayBook, hopefully they’ll sort that out in future.

Via: Android Community


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