Sony Ericsson Launches Its Own Stream in the Android Market

Sony Ericsson Android Market

Sony Ericsson has now launched their own stream in the Android Market which will guide users to get their hands on Sony Ericsson specific applications, we can see how this makes sense with the Xperia Play right around the corner. This is the first time that a handset manufacturer has received their own stream where they can sell handset specific apps. You will see the My Apps tab replaced by the Sony Ericsson Software portal. But not all Sony Ericsson users can access this stream, instead the carrier has to make up its mind. Sony Ericsson in a blog post stated that,

  • This new feature will help the users find the best games around and enhance the user’s ‘Most Entertaining’ experience.
  • Easier browsing of apps made by Sony Ericsson like TimeScape plugins.
  • Access to exclusive Sony Ericsson games to the users from time to time.
  • Provide a wider market to app developers by marketing and promoting their apps.

This is a very good way to market Sony Ericsson made apps in the store and also guide users with Sony Ericsson specific games, the Xperia Play has a major role to play behind this implementation. Lets hope it works out well for Sony Ericsson and its customers.

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