T-Mobile’s “Insomnia Sale” Postponed To Wednesday Midnight EDT


T-Mobile’s “Insomnia Sale” which will feature devices like the T-Mobile G2 and the G2x has now been postponed to Wednesday midnight (Eastern Daylight Time). Which means that users who were eagerly anticipating the sale from Monday will now have to wait 48 hours more. And with devices like the T-Mobile G2x being part of the insomnia sale, it is obvious that some would be frustrated. T-Mobile gave out this information via twitter. And since we’re in the topic, lets look into the prospects of the T-Mobile/AT&T merger.

Well, we are all familiar with T-Mobile’s peculiar jingle. T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telecom has the trademark for the jingle and now it is being discussed whether the jingle would remain after the merger takes place. A leaked document states that no decision has been made by Deutsche Telecom regarding the jingle’s future in the U.S. If the jingle were to be retained, AT&T will have to pay Deutsche Telecom to get the U.S. rights for the tune. Whether or not AT&T will make the payment is a different story, but if they want their users to think that nothing has changed besides the administration, they should go forward with getting the rights. There’s still some time for the merger to be approved, so let’s wait and see what happens. Though we think it’s only a jingle, T-Mobile’s has built on its brand recognition with this tune. There are ringtones of this and people would instantly recognize the tune as a T-Mobile symbol. So it should be really hard for AT&T to disregard this factor.

T-Mobile Tweet

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