Apple Gives Its Response To Amazon’s Counter Allegations

The Apple/Amazon battle is all but over with both companies flinging shots at each other. Amazon responded aggressively recently to Apple's claims of copyright infringement by Amazon with the use of the term App Store. Amazon said that the term App Store is a generic term and Apple cannot sue them. And now Apple seems to have responded to that counter attack by Amazon. "The current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary defines 'app' as, in part, '[a]n application, esp. an application … [Read more...]

Amazon Now Offering the Samsung Droid Charge For $199.99 On Contract

Verizon’s launch of the Samsung Droid Charge was limped somewhat when its 4G networks went down rapidly. But the re launch took place soon and now they’re selling it for $299.99 on a two year contract. This is considerably expensive given how other smartphones are priced at $199.99 (well most of them are). But given its 4G LTE capabilities, the company thinks that the pricing is justified . By now you must be wondering if there’s a discount on the Droid Charge. The answer is yes and again it’s … [Read more...]

Samsung Infuse 4G Now Available For $149.99 On Amazon

The Samsung Infuse 4G is already available for purchase and it hasn't been that long since it was launched. And now the handset is being offered on a discount on Amazon. This is really great news for all those who were waiting to get the handset but were waiting for the prices to drop. Users can now head over to Amazon and get the device for $149.99 with a two year contract instead of getting it for $200 with AT&T. The offer is valid for both existing and new customers. Plus the device has a … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G2X Priced as Low as $79.99 on Contract via Amazon

The T-Mobile G2x features a dual-core Tegra 2 CPU, but the prices it is being listed for doesn't seem to suggest so. Earlier, the G2x was priced at about $100 on contract which already was a pretty good bargain, but now Amazon have gone a step further by selling the device for $79.99 on a two year contract of course. But bear in mind that if you are an existing customer and are looking for an upgrade, you'll have to spend slightly more ($119.99). But still it's pretty reasonable for a phone … [Read more...]

Amazon Aggressively Responds to Apple’s Lawsuit

Apple recently sued online retailing giant Amazon for using the term "Appstore" to mention its newly launched Android app market. Apple prefers to use the term "Appstore" to refer to its app inventory where users can download and install apps. Apple doesn't want Amazon to use the same term, hence the lawsuit to stop Amazon from using that term. Amazon however has filed a counter suit to prove that Apple's allegations are baseless. Amazon claims that "Appstore" is a generic term and claims that … [Read more...]

Gameloft to provide games exclusively through the Amazon App Store

The popular gaming giant, Gameloft has announced that they would be joining hands with the Amazon App Store and distribute games for Android via them exclusively. Gameloft has stressed its users to trust the company and not be worried about any malicious content which has been associated with the Android Market of late. Gameloft also mentioned the reason behind joining forces with Amazon; according to them, the policies that Amazon follows and the strictness involved in approving every app is … [Read more...]

Amazon App Store could be available to AT&T users soon

The recently launched Amazon’s Android App Store has gained widespread attention from writers all over the blogosphere. The idea of an alternative app store to Google’s Android Market is very amusing. Offering discounts on various apps and providing new offers regularly, it will probably give the Android Market a run for its money. Well, some AT&T users though are facing some restrictions when trying to access the Amazon App Store. This basically is a restriction imposed by AT&T itself. … [Read more...]