Increase The Sound Capacity Of Your Galaxy Nexus With Volume+ (Download)

It's disappointing when you buy a good Smartphone and realize that though it has a lot of features, it doesn’t pack a satisfactory punch when it comes to its hardware. I mean, a device should be capable enough to allow the user to hear the alarms, the ringtones and the call being received, etc. viagra online online Though the Galaxy Nexus has without a doubt received worldwide critical acclaim, it falls short in some hardware areas. People have complained that it has a weak GPS, not so … [Read more...]

How to Download or Remove Android Apps

Downloading and installing applications or games on to your android is a very easy task. It is recommended that you install applications directly from the android market, which can be found here. There are some free apps while some of them require a payment. Read on to find out how to download android apps. The procedure for downloading free apps: Step 1. Choose the item you want to download and click on the Install button. You will see a pop up like this. Step 2. Click on INSTALL … [Read more...]

How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone

Sending across a text message to a group of people can be a pretty tedious task in an Android phone if you have to manually select each contact. It is also quite annoying to keep checking whether all the contacts have received the text. The obvious solution would be to create a group of your contacts and forwarding the text to all the contacts in the group. The Contacts and Messaging applications that come pre-loaded with your android are not capable of forwarding a text to a group of contacts. … [Read more...]

Rooted Android Devices Will Not Have Access To Google’s Movie Rental Service

By now all of us are pretty aware of Google's movie renting service for Android via the Android Market which is currently accessible to users with Motorola XOOM running on Android 3.1. Google plans to extend this service to devices running on Android 2.2 Froyo and further as well. But it has now come to light that rooted Motorola XOOM tablets are not being able to access or rent movies. When they try to rent movies, they receive an error message saying "Failed to fetch license for [movie title] … [Read more...]

Gameloft Launches Asphalt 6: Adrenaline In the Android Market

Gameloft has launched some games in the Android Market and there's a new arrival now in the form of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. The game requires a big screen to work properly so there's a listing in the Android Market where compatible devices have been named. The gameplay is like a basic arcade game where you play as the driver of the car and you've to win races to advance further and so on. There are a total of 42 cars and bikes and these will run on the streets of Los Angeles and Tokyo. It also … [Read more...]

Google Updates Android Market with New App Discovery Features

Google has updated the Android Market and made some changes to it. They will be adding new discovery features to the market which makes it easier for the users to discover new apps and find the popular ones. Google said that they will be bringing out these changes on both the mobile app of the Android Market and the web version of the same. The web version of the Android Market seems to have already been updated with these features. Starting from June, the Android Market will list apps under … [Read more...]

CNN’s Android App Now Available in the Android Market

The CNN app for Android was released earlier when the Motorola XOOM hit stores, but the fact that it was only available on Honeycomb devices wasn't quite what people expected. But now the full and complete version of the app has made its way to the Android Market. This app is surely a step ahead of CNN's mobile site, not that the latter doesn't provide quick updates, but a full app always brings a lot more to the table. This app brings features like CNN Radio, live video footage, … [Read more...]

Android Users Can Now Opt Out of Ad Targeting via Market

If you are annoyed by Google's ad targeting, worry no more because there is a way you can remove that feature. Apparently, Google will now let users change the Market settings and see to it that they don't get targeted ads. Its a very bold move by Google where they want to provide users with more random ads rather than targeted ones. But the fact that Google still doesn't allow cookie blocking for the Chrome browser is still very surprising. And since Android's high rate of success is due to … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Launches Its Own Stream in the Android Market

Sony Ericsson has now launched their own stream in the Android Market which will guide users to get their hands on Sony Ericsson specific applications, we can see how this makes sense with the Xperia Play right around the corner. This is the first time that a handset manufacturer has received their own stream where they can sell handset specific apps. You will see the My Apps tab replaced by the Sony Ericsson Software portal. But not all Sony Ericsson users can access this stream, instead the … [Read more...]

Official LinkedIn App Available in the Android Market

LinkedIn have now launched their official Android app in the Android Market. LinkedIn is a network where professional people connect, in other words LinkedIn provides job opportunities to potential employees and helps to increase connections. This app was previously in Beta but now they've announced the final release version. The developers behind this app plan on bringing a whole new set of updates as requested by the people during Beta testing. Now lets talk about the app itself. This app … [Read more...]