Android Tablet Market Share to beat Apple iPad by 2014

Despite the success of the original iPad and the recent announcement of the iPad 2, it's widely expected that Android tables will catch up and overtake Apple's dominance in tablet market share. Analyst Mike Abramsky at RBC Capital Markets recently predicted that a flood of Android tablets of varying quality will hit the market in the next 18 months.  Most of these will be in the budget price range but higher quality tablets from Samsung, HTC and Motorola will take hold eventually if they can … [Read more...]

2011 Android Tablet Review and Preview

It isn't hard to admit that when it comes to smart phones and personal computers, Apple has been leading the way in terms of innovative, easy to use, and, for lack of a better expression, sexy new products. Part of their success results from the marketing department getting out the ad campaign and building hype around release dates for these products. The rest of the company follows suit and actually delivers working products on the release date, something that the makers of Android products, in … [Read more...]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview

The next gen Android OS, named Honeycomb, is "optimized" for tablets. Looks like Google is putting a lot of functionality into the OS. If these first impressions are correct, "Honeycomb" will easily rival iOS running the iPad and will surpass it in terms of functionality -  allowing greater "freedoms" for the user in terms of accessibility.  Honeycomb is slated to ship with some new tablets coming out in the near future, such as Toshiba's tablet, to be released in the spring, and the Motorola … [Read more...]