How To Sync Your Facebook Data To Your Contacts

Facebook has become an integral part of lives, whether we admit it or not. With smart phones, it's now even easier to update our friends through the Facebook mobile app. One cool feature of Facebook for mobile is being able to sync your Facebook friends to your phone's contact list. It's something that the Facebook mobile app asks when you first install it - whether to sync all Facebook friends, or only those who are already in your phone book. If you've missed this step, or are not sure … [Read more...]

How To Access Your Computer From Your Android Phone

File storage is a great way to access files on the go, but it free services only limit you to a certain amount of GB's of storage space. For anyone who doesn't want to pay extra to be able to access files on the go, a remote desktop access app is a great alternative to file storage. PocketCloud Explore is a free app that allows you to access your PC/MAC files from your Android device. This is really great if you want unlimited access to your files without bringing your laptop or … [Read more...]

Increase The Sound Capacity Of Your Galaxy Nexus With Volume+ (Download)

It's disappointing when you buy a good Smartphone and realize that though it has a lot of features, it doesn’t pack a satisfactory punch when it comes to its hardware. I mean, a device should be capable enough to allow the user to hear the alarms, the ringtones and the call being received, etc. viagra online online Though the Galaxy Nexus has without a doubt received worldwide critical acclaim, it falls short in some hardware areas. People have complained that it has a weak GPS, not so … [Read more...]

Keep Game Save Files Synchronized Across All Android Devices With SaveShare

Majority of gamers have shifted to smartphones and tablets for playing their favorite games. However, the issue of keeping the saved games in sync has existed for a while now but an app from an independent Android developer may have solved the problem. SaveShare is a new app by WalkerApps that claims to keep the game save files synchronized across all the Android devices whether they are smartphones, media players, tablets or anything else. levitra online prescription The magical Dropbox stores … [Read more...]

How To Check App Permissions on Your Android Phone

Android apps function by accessing information from your phone. Before you install an app from the Market, a list of "permissions" that the app needs from your phone is shown to you. Do you really take the time to read all of it for every app you install? Probably not. App permissions are important because some of these settings may breach your privacy by accessing sensitive information, delete or modify the contents of your phone, or incur mobile carrier charges without your knowledge. If … [Read more...]

Get The iTunes App Store Explorer For Your Android Device!

The two hit operating system; iOS and Android are cardinally famous for the way the amazing features that they have offered their users. The iTunes App Store and the App Store for Android are fully loaded with latest information on up to date applications and their access. Among the two operating systems the iTune nearly makes its way to the top owing to the reason that it releases far more apps and information than Android does. Android users are left envying the amazing iTunes apps; such as … [Read more...]

How To Change Fonts In Your Messaging App Using GoSMS Pro

Tired of the boring default Android font on your SMS screen? If you’re an avid phone customizer, you would probably want more options for fonts as you would on a word processor. You may not be able to do this with your stock Messaging app, but you can change your fonts in your SMS screens – conversation and messages list – with an app called GoSMS Pro. Here’s how: Install GoSMS Pro You’ll need to go to the Android Market and download the app. It’s free! Install Fonts There are lots of font … [Read more...]

Automated Away Text app for Android

Automated Away Text for Android which launched way back in December seems like a pretty cool app. When you miss a call, this app automatically sends the sender a text saying you can't get to the phone, or any sort of message - the App allows the user to set about 5 messages to send, and even specify who gets this message from the settings page.  You can also set the app to send replies to texts you receive. The UI is pretty intuitive and responsive, the colors are very good. This app might … [Read more...]

Photo app Vignette’s new version makes updates easier [Android]

The popular photography app Vignette is now listed as 'deprecated' in the Android Market and a new variant of the app is listed as the 'new version'. Confused ? Well, the creators of the original Vignette app Neil and Theresa clarified that they made some errors in the 2009 version of the app and it got very difficult to continue updating. And hence they decided to come up with a new version of the app, since there were no other options available to them. The already existing users who will … [Read more...]