Verizon Droid X2 to Hit Markets on May 26

Verizon's first dual-core Tegra 2 running smartphone, the Droid X2 has now been delayed after being shown off and getting customers all tempted. Verizon's 4G LTE network shortage seems to be a very concerning issue now. Verizon promoted their 4G LTE coverage with much fervor and grandeur, only to fail at the last minute. The Motorola Droid X2 seems to have fallen prey to the shortage this time with Big Red delaying the launch of the device which was supposed to be in the market today, the device … [Read more...]

Moto Droid X Could Receive a Gingerbread Update: Rumor

The successor to the Motorola Droid X2 will be making its way to the market on May 12 which is next week. And it's obvious to think that its predecessor the original Droid X will not be left behind and now it seems like Motorola has some plans in its mind. Well it is being said that the Droid X could be receiving an OTA Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update on May 13th. Apparently, Motorola has submitted the latest build (something newer than 4.5.591) of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread to Verizon and is … [Read more...]

Press Photos of the Motorola DROID X^2 Released

Some new press photos have been released of the successor to the Motorola DROID X. This device however will not be known as DROID X2 as many would have expected. Instead, this device will be called the DROID X^2 (X squared), that is considering what's written on the back panel. The name is not the only thing that excites us though. It comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU instead of 1 GHz processor like seen on its predecessor which is a nice addition to this device. Other features include a … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid X2 Leaked, Benchmarked

The folks at Techno Buffalo have spotted the Motorola Droid X2. Apparently, some sources sent them these pictures and I must say, they look very neat. They also have some nice comparison shots of the Droid X2 with the Droid X and also a video showing the Quadrant Benchmark of the device. It resembles a lot like its sibling, the Droid X which of course raised doubts in my mind, which is why I think they included some side by side shots which were very conclusive. It seems like the … [Read more...]