T-Mobile G-Slate Now Available on a $100 Discount

T-Mobile's first ever 4G tablet the G-Slate went on sale on the 20th of April and now it seems like there's a discount coming your way. Apparently, T-Mobile is providing a $100 discount on a two year contract for purchasers who buy the G-Slate with data plans before the 27th of April, but isn't without a catch of course. Well, the catch is that you have to call T-Mo on 866-464-8662, select option 3 and use the promo code GSLATE100. You can catch the lines Monday to Friday between 5AM to 8PM, … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G-Slate Hitting Inventories Already

T-Mobile has been quite reluctant in giving out the official release date for the G-Slate which will be the first ever Honeycomb tablet to make its way through T-Mobile's network. And now it seems that some demo units of the G-Slate has started filling up retail stores along with full accessories which includes 3D glasses. Remember the G-Slate isn't a glassless 3D tablet, it requires 3D glasses to enjoy 3D content. Last night TMO News received a hint that T-Mobile will be launching three … [Read more...]