Some European Galaxy S Devices Get Gingerbread Love

The word is out that Samsung is now launching an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Galaxy S to some cellphones across Europe. A bunch of folks from Europe have already received the update. But it seems like this is only limited to some European users. In the US, where some Galaxy S devices are running on Froyo, some are still stuck with Android 2.1 Eclair. And there hasn't been any reports of the update from the UK either. Some European users of the Galaxy S posted on XDA developers forum … [Read more...]

How to Root your Samsung Captivate the Easy Way

If you've had your Android phone for any length of time and are even the slightest bit interested in "tweaking" your phone, no doubt you've probably heard about the advantages of "rooting" your phone. By rooting, you can basically break free from your carriers' restrictions on what apps you can load, get rid of unwanted pre-installed apps, and even put a completely custom version of Android on your phone. A lot of the rooting instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S phones out here on the web … [Read more...]