Google TV will get Android Market soon

Google TV hasn't been able to catch up with the market ever since it's inception even with a list of impressive features, mainly due to the absence of Hulu and some other TV networks to stream video content. But there has been much talk about the introduction of the Android Market for Google TV to add or install applications onto the device. The implementation is said to be in its developmental phase, and now there is some legitimate confirmation from the VP and GM for Logitech's Digital Home … [Read more...]

Google to roll out latest Gingerbread update for Nexus One and Nexus S

Google have tweeted on their official Google Nexus twitter page saying that the HTC Google Nexus One and the Google Nexus S will receive an Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update. The Nexus One runs on Android 2.1 Eclair by default and the customers have been waiting long for the update to roll out. Now that its official, the customers can be relieved. Though they haven't mentioned a date for this update, leaving us all disappointed. But it seems like a welcome sign to have official information. We … [Read more...]

Google official gives out some more details about Android’s next update

Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) -  Google's Eric Schmidt gave out some information about Android's next update, Ice Cream, or  Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream has been talked about for quite some time now and is believed to be the successor to Android 3.0. This apparently would be a polished version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread combined with some functionality of the tablet OS, Honeycomb.  Today Android's engineering director, Dave Burke, said that Honeycomb's multitasking feature of … [Read more...]