Android Basics: Get Notified With Every New Message Once Per Email Thread (Gmail App Tip)

We recently posted on how to manage syncing in Gmail on your Android device. Now we have another tip for the Gmail users. There is an option to be notified of just the first e-mail in a thread, or with each sequential massage of the thread, depending on your preferences. The recent updates to the Gmail app has pushed the settings further in the menu. However, you can now change the settings yourself with this tip! … [Read more...]

How to Download or Remove Android Apps

Downloading and installing applications or games on to your android is a very easy task. It is recommended that you install applications directly from the android market, which can be found here. There are some free apps while some of them require a payment. Read on to find out how to download android apps. The procedure for downloading free apps: Step 1. Choose the item you want to download and click on the Install button. You will see a pop up like this. Step 2. Click on INSTALL … [Read more...]

How to download ringtones to your android phone

  You just bought an android phone and you are checking out the features on it. Wondering how to get some nice ring tones on it? Read on to find out how to download ring tones on to your android in a few simple steps. Step 1. First things first, select the songs or sounds on your computer which you think might be a nice ringtone for your android. If not in mp3 format already, convert them. Windows users can make use of this. Step 2. There will be a USB cable provided with your … [Read more...]

How To View All Window Screens on One – Android OS

Viewing All Window Screens on One Screen At the Same Time Part of our Simple How To series This is a nice feature that was introduced with the second iteration of the Android OS (Froyo). 1. From any one of the home screens, use your fingers and "pinch" toward one another. The screen will change and will show you small versions of all your home screens. This also works for your App screens. 2. Alternately, but not quite as fun, from the home screen press the menu button and then … [Read more...]

How to Take a Screenshot on your Samsung Captivate.

Most Android phones have a simple key combo that gives you a screenshot. The Captivate has this too, but no one knows how to use it. We've been able to accidently do it once, but have since been unable to duplicate the right combination of keys.  Most apps for screenshots end up forcing you to root your phone  -  the easiest way to take screenshots, but rooting your phone renders your warranty void most of the time. If you do not mind rooting your device, we have directions here. How to take … [Read more...]

How to Load Ringtones from PC to a Verizon Droid

Greetings Androidaholics!  Will here, to present you all with my brand new how-to guide for all of your Android phones.  In my latest how-to I will help you get all of those awesome ringtones you have on your PC put directly onto your Droid so you can listen to your favorite song whenever you want.  This guide goes along really well with my How-to on Setting a Ringtone to Individual Contacts, feel free to check that out after we finish getting your favorite ringtones set up onto your … [Read more...]

How to Set a Contact Ringtone on the Android

Like any great device, the Android is extremely customizable. There is almost no end to the possible options and settings you could use. For those of you who are not as tech savvy as some of us other droid geeks, I’ve put together some handy how-to guides so that everyone knows what their droid’s are really capable of. You’ll be a droid pro and using your Android to its full potential in no time! This guide is going to show how you can set a ringtone for individual contacts in your address … [Read more...]