Carriers Should Store User Location Data: Government

Location tracking allegations were thrashed on Apple and later on Google. As a result both the companies were scheduled to appear before a senate on the 10th of May. The Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein attending a senate hearing called by Al Franken said that it was in the government's interest that the carriers kept track of user locations and stated that this should continue for the next two years. This is what he had to say - "When this information is not stored, it may be … [Read more...]

Google Being Sued Over Location Tracking Allegations

After Apple was accused of tracking user locations, it is Android's turn now. Some users of the HTC Inspire 4G have accused Google of tracking/storing user locations and movements and as a result have filed a lawsuit against them. They have filed a formal complaint on the 27th of April in Detroit. This means that Google will now have to testify in front of a senate like Apple is doing on May 10. The complainants in this case mention that they are representing all those Android users who have … [Read more...]