HTC EVO 3D Could Be Launched In The Fourth Week Of June

CEO of HTC, Peter Chou recently made it clear that HTC phones will come with unlocked bootloaders, and just some time ago he replied to an email by a writer saying that the HTC EVO 3D will come with an unlocked bootloader. And now there's more info on the HTC EVO 3D. Apparently, Radio Shack could be selling the device during the last week of June or in other words during the 4th week of next month. This is pretty good news for all those who were patiently waiting to get their hands onto the … [Read more...]

Radioshack To Sell the HTC EVO 3D At $199.99 On Contract or $99.99 For a Trade In

The HTC EVO 3D is one of the most expected devices in the market. But we were pretty curious as to how operators or retailers would price the device. The phone has been up for pre order from some time, but no retailer has given a definitive launch date for the device. It is really disappointing considering that this is one of those rare 3D phones in the market which offer a brilliant experience without needing any sort of glasses. And now, a leaked slide by Radio Shack shows that the device is … [Read more...]

Sprint Offering the Nexus S 4G For $199.99 On a Two Year Contract

The Google Nexus S 4G has finally made its way to Sprint on Mother's Day. You might think the Nexus S has lost its charm, but it is still one of Google's favorite device to launch the latest updates. So bear in mind that when you get a Nexus S, you'll practically be the first person to receive the updates followed by other Android counterparts. So you might as well head up to the store and get one for yourself now. And also, the Nexus S is one of the very few devices that doesn't come with a … [Read more...]

Sprint introduces the HTC EVO View 4G

After the HTC Flyer was announced by HTC at the MWC last month, we were more focussed on that rather than other launches. But now, with HTC’s announcement of the EVO View 4G things are about to change, not drastically but slightly nonetheless. HTC today announced the EVO View 4G possessing  a pretty decent hardware which could easily impress us. To start with, it sports a 7-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, a 5MP rear camera capable of recording 720p HD videos and a … [Read more...]

Sprint announcing a new Android smartphone on Feb 24 ?

Not more than 2 weeks ago, Sprint announced their dual-screened Kyocera Echo. It now seems like Sprint have something new up their sleeves. The company's official twitter page has tweeted about a cell phone announcement on the 24th of Feb, which seems quite interesting since it leaves everyone wondering. There are endless possibilities with Sprint, but our guess is that it is an Android smartphone or something related to Android at least. The iPhone is certainly not on the cards for Sprint, so … [Read more...]