Nokia’s “iDoalotmore” Ad Teases Apple

We know how Nokia has been failing to match up with the world market and rising competition, so it was imperative that they did something about it. One might wonder as to how Nokia would get back in business. Well, one way to gain media attention is by advertising or campaigning. Nokia has taken the help of something similar by giving out a rather uncanny advertisement on the Indian newspaper Times Of India. The ad as you can see below says "iDoalotmore". This clearly is a pick at Apple's … [Read more...]

Fujitsu developing dual display handset

Japanese computer hardware giants Fujitsu are developing a dual-screen android smartphone which is being showcased at the MWC. Though at the time it was shown, it ran on Symbian. But some claim it will be upgraded to Android. The form factor is pretty strange; the orientation of the screen and the hinges are user modified and can be changed as per the user's convenience. This handset is still in its initial developmental stages so there's not much info available on the device. We saw … [Read more...]