T-Mobile’s “Insomnia Sale” Postponed To Wednesday Midnight EDT

T-Mobile's "Insomnia Sale" which will feature devices like the T-Mobile G2 and the G2x has now been postponed to Wednesday midnight (Eastern Daylight Time). Which means that users who were eagerly anticipating the sale from Monday will now have to wait 48 hours more. And with devices like the T-Mobile G2x being part of the insomnia sale, it is obvious that some would be frustrated. T-Mobile gave out this information via twitter. And since we're in the topic, lets look into the prospects of the … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation 4G to Be Sold By Target for $199

The HTC Sensation has managed to blow our minds away by its sheer capabilities and looks. It's one of those devices which can do everything a techie would want it to do. But that's not what we're discussing today. Instead we'll be looking at a leaked image which suggests the price of the device. An employee from Target has snapped up a picture of a leaflet or something of that sort of the Sensation 4G which clearly shows that the device will be offered at $199 with Target. We can also make a … [Read more...]

AT&T Could Launch LTE in New York On June 30

Previous reports claimed that AT&T was planning to launch its LTE service during Q3 and Q4 of 2011, but new reports accessed by a website suggest otherwise. According to these reports, AT&T could launch the LTE service as soon as June 30 in New York and on July 24 in Los Angeles. This is very good news for users waiting for this service, though there's not much clarity as to when other cities would receive the service. But with 4G enabled handsets slowly making its way into the market we … [Read more...]

AT&T Could Lose $6 Billion If the T-Mobile Merger Is Cancelled

The AT&T/T-Mobile merger just doesn't seem to get off the news. Most of you must have thought about the possibility of this merger not happening or being cancelled, but do you know what would happen if the deal were to be cancelled? Well, it was recently told by AT&T that if the deal was cancelled, AT&T was supposed to pay T-Mobile a fee of $3 billion, but now a new report by Reuters claims that AT&T will actually have to pay $6 billion to T-Mobile in assets and cash (i.e in the … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Lost About 471,000 Customers in the Last Quarter Alone

AT&T proposed the acquisition of T-Mobile recently which still remains in the balance since approvals are being awaited. And now it seems like T-Mobile could benefit from the buy out/acquisition because recent numbers suggest that T-Mobile is going through a crisis of sorts. Apparently, about 471,000 contractual subscribers left T-Mobile within the first three months of 2011. These numbers do tell a story, don't they? Other networks however are doing relatively well. With AT&T having 2 … [Read more...]

Gingerbread ROM for the T-Mobile G2x Leaked

Some might remember T-Mobile tweeting about their very own G2x getting the Gingerbread update very soon. The phone would actually have come loaded with Gingerbread if it weren't for testing of the handset which made T-Mobile stick with Froyo. But G2x owners will be pleased to know that a leaked version of the Gingerbread update is floating around in the internet. With this the users can get a feel of Gingerbread without having to wait for T-Mobile's update. This could possibly be the final … [Read more...]

Rumor: HTC Marvel for T-Mobile

HTC seems to be pretty much in the business these days with new announcements coming almost regularly. And now, it seems like they will be launching a new device with T-Mobile US. The previously unheard HTC Marvel is the device we're talking about today. And by looking at it, we think this could be a mid ranged Android smartphone. This apparently will be a T-Mobile version of the HTC Wildfire S but will be known as HTC Marvel on T-Mo's network. It will feature the exact same set of specs as the … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Update for the G2x Not Too Far Away says T-Mobile

The T-Mobile G2x as we all know is the company's CDMA variant of the LG Optimus 2x. The G2x ships with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box, but was mentioned that it would be upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We weren't sure though. But now T-Mobile has replied to a customers tweet saying that the Gingerbread update for the G2x is coming soon, but failed to mention a specific date which was a let down. But we can't expect T-Mobile to reveal everything in a single tweet right? So lets keep our … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G-Slate Now Available on a $100 Discount

T-Mobile's first ever 4G tablet the G-Slate went on sale on the 20th of April and now it seems like there's a discount coming your way. Apparently, T-Mobile is providing a $100 discount on a two year contract for purchasers who buy the G-Slate with data plans before the 27th of April, but isn't without a catch of course. Well, the catch is that you have to call T-Mo on 866-464-8662, select option 3 and use the promo code GSLATE100. You can catch the lines Monday to Friday between 5AM to 8PM, … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G-Slate Hitting Inventories Already

T-Mobile has been quite reluctant in giving out the official release date for the G-Slate which will be the first ever Honeycomb tablet to make its way through T-Mobile's network. And now it seems that some demo units of the G-Slate has started filling up retail stores along with full accessories which includes 3D glasses. Remember the G-Slate isn't a glassless 3D tablet, it requires 3D glasses to enjoy 3D content. Last night TMO News received a hint that T-Mobile will be launching three … [Read more...]