Toshiba Announces the Regza Tablet AT300

Toshiba has made its very own Honeycomb tablet official with the announcement of the 10.1 incher tab the Toshiba Regza Tablet AT300. The addition of Toshiba's Regza Apps Connect brings some new features like integration of the device with Toshiba's A/V range of devices like Blu-Ray players, Notebooks and HDTVs. The device is priced at the Japanese equivalent of $700 and will hit Japan in June. The tablet will make its way to the US market sometime in the first half of 2011 which should be a … [Read more...]

Toshiba Tablet Gets Priced on Newegg

The Toshiba Tablet was announced in January with much hype. It made appearances on some occasions. Recently it was revealed that it would be available on Best Buy. And now it's Newegg's turn. They've given out pricing details for the device and also mentioned 3 models that it would be available in. Apparently the Toshiba Tablet will be available in 8, 16 and 32GB models respectively and will be priced at $450, $500 and $580 each. And apparently, they'll be calling it ANT, which is not the … [Read more...]

Best Buy Lists the Toshiba Tablet as “Coming Soon”

Way back in January we posted about an article about Toshiba's brand new Android tablet announced at the CES. And now Best Buy has listed this tab with its specifications as "coming soon". It seems like Best Buy just got this¬†information, because a name hasn't been given yet. Instead, they're calling it the Toshiba Tablet. It has been quite some time now since we first heard about this device and Toshiba still doesn't have a launch date or a name for the device. This could mean that Toshiba … [Read more...]

2011 Android Tablet Review and Preview

It isn't hard to admit that when it comes to smart phones and personal computers, Apple has been leading the way in terms of innovative, easy to use, and, for lack of a better expression, sexy new products. Part of their success results from the marketing department getting out the ad campaign and building hype around release dates for these products. The rest of the company follows suit and actually delivers working products on the release date, something that the makers of Android products, in … [Read more...]

Toshiba shows off new tablet at CES

Tuesday night in Las Vegas at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) saw the unveiling of Toshiba's newest tablet, a 10.1in (diagonal) Android-based tablet that, according to Toshiba, will rival Apple's iPad (9.6in). The tablet shown at CES is likely running the latest version of Android (2.3) although when the tablet is available sometime later this spring, it will be running the upcoming version of Android known as Honeycomb, a tablet-optimized version of the Android mobile OS that is currently … [Read more...]