Permanent Root Method For ASUS Transformer Prime On ICS 4.0.3 Android (Guide)

There’s a reason that the ASUS Eee Pod Transformer TF101 is the most talked about Android tablet. This is due to the fact that this Android tablet featured premium hardware, is developer-friendly and receives support from the manufacturer, even now. Many of you might’ve heard by now that the Transformer TF101 just received Ice Cream Sandwich a few days ago and it has already been rooted. Below you can find an easy to read step-by-step guide if you are on Windows! … [Read more...]

Microsoft Indicates Xbox LIVE Gaming Portal For iOS

Microsoft indicated that iOS will soon receive the Xbox LIVE gaming portal. cheap levitra online pharmacy Recently, the listing called for a developer to help Microsoft port its live gaming client to Apple's platform. This project started back in December 2011 when the official Xbox Live application was introduced for the iPhone. Forbes has that it was only the beginning. Read more below! … [Read more...]

Windows 8 For Tablets: What Does It Mean To Us?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating System has been the subject of talk and debate since some time, well ever since the rumors started surfacing at least. Most of them based on how Microsoft would improve the Windows 8 platform. And just when we started thinking about it, new rumors surfaced on the web which suggested that Microsoft could well be preparing an OS optimized for tablets as well, given the recent trend and demand of the tablets. And yesterday, the company formally unveiled the Windows 8 … [Read more...]

Dell to Launch Two Tablets This Year

Dell’s roadmap revealing a new Windows 7 running 10-inch tablet was revealed in February. Back then we thought this was all that Dell had in mind. But now, it seems like Dell have another tablet up their sleeves. But only this time it will run on Android instead of Windows 7. This was confirmed by Dell when speaking to Forbes. We think Dell have responded to the rising market conditions and the demand for Android tablets. Gone are the days when people relied on Windows. If sources are to be … [Read more...]